DH2OME - Ocean water reservoirs

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DH2OME - Ocean water reservoirs

Water is abundant on Earth, with 71% of the planet's surface covered by oceans.Unfortunately, this water is too salty to be used for drinking, sanitation, agriculture or even industrial processes, and water scarcity is one of the most pressing problems of our times.  

DH2OME is a game-changing infrastructure designed to provide litres of fresh water every day where it is needed most. Many of the countries facing severe droughts and water scarcity are in tropical areas, most of which are developing countries where the sun shines most of the year.

DH2OME is a scalable solution consisting of a greenhouse submerged in the ocean. Thanks to the sun's rays, the water inside the dome evaporates, separating from the salt and other products inside and eventually condensing on the glass surface above. The water droplets condensed on the surface are perfectly fresh and only slip down by gravity into the drainage system embedded around the entire perimeter of the retaining wall. From there it can be directly extracted or poured into pipelines.  

DH2OME offers a holistic solution to the water crisis and the socio-economic problems facing developing countries.