VÉDA Road Intelligent Camera Network

VÉDA Road Intelligent Camera Network

The VÉDA Intelligent Public Road Camera Network project is implemented by a consortium of the Ministry of Interior, the National Police Headquarters and the Central Office of Public Adminstration and Digital Public Services (KEK KH). The European Union set a goal to reduce, compared to 2010, the road traffic fatalities by 50% by 2020, and nearing zero by 2050. Hungary's traffic policies follow these goals as well. With this project, the Hungarian Police plans to install a preventive intelligent traffic system that is the first of its kind in Europe. The police needs to improve its abilities to make road traffic safer, to control and maintain rule-following behavior and improve traffic morale. One of the infrastructural requirements for this is upgrading and extending the numbers and services of previously implemented modern, automated systems, proceses and appliances.


Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services