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WAZE in Debrecen

Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app with more than 75 million users. In March 2017, Debrecen joined the Waze Connected Citizens Program. This is a free two way data exchange program between Waze and governments. Waze collects anonymous real time user data and provides cities these datasets, in return partners provide information on all events affecting traffic (road blocks, closures, events, etc.) The most detailed car map of Debrecen is the map of Waze. It includes, but not limited to (opening hours and prices in some places): Pharmacies, Tobacco Shops, Gas Stations, Parking spots, Car Washes, Restaurants, Nurseries, Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools, Higher education institutions, Universities, Units of the Clinic Centre of Debrecen, Dorms, Theatres, Playgrounds, Museums, Galleries, Hotels, Clubs, Houses of Culture, Libraries. All the reports and alerts generated and submitted by the users are shown on the Waze live map, integrated into the www.debrecen.hu site. It makes travels easier to plan, more efficient for all citizens not just Waze users. The goal of these measures is to make Debrecen’s transportation smoother and to reduce congestions. The more users Waze has in Debrecen, the more reliable the provided data is and the planned travels are.


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