MyWay project will investigate, develop and validate an integrated platform, the European Smart Mobility Resource Manager, including cloud-based services and facilities to support  community supplied information collection and processing. The purpose is to holistically address the efficient and seamless integration and use of complementary, capacity-limited mobility services in the overall urban travel chain, including all transport modes (motorised and non-motorised, EVs, public transport, flexible services such as transport on-demand) and mobility sharing schemes (e.g. car sharing, motorbike sharing and carpooling). The platform will be tested in three Living Lab demonstrations in Barcelona and Catalonia Region (ES), Berlin (DE), and Trikala (GR) involving local users and stakeholders. This approach gives priority to the egocentric vision of the user, finding the right compromise for each single traveller and offering a solution closest to his personal needs and preferences, making the frequent use of it (as an alternative to an ideal but not always practical solution) a main contribution to the sustainability of urban transport.


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