U-Motor - scooter sharing

U-Motor - scooter sharing

The concept of sharing economy and its applications have been spread internationally since long time ago. Combined with the green economy, two emerging forms of economic models create multiplier effect for a city’s development of smart applications. Taipei Smart City Project Management Office successfully matched the domestic innovative company, Wemo, and Taipei City Government to introduce U-Motor rental service.  It helps to reduce the holdings of private vehicles, encourages the use of green vehicles.
U-Motor allows citizens to use Wemo APP to rent vehicles by self-service. It is characterized by no need to go through other hardware and manual procedures, and no need to return the vehicle at designated spots but to any public parking spaces. Besides, users don’t have to worry about out of battery.  Moreover,  air sensors is installed on the vehicles and collect air quality information for making air quality map for the public use in the future.


Taipei Smart City Project Management Office