Allende park - Participatory Planning

Allende park - Participatory Planning

The Municipality of Újbuda together with its citizens dreamed of the future of the Allende Park.
The park between Tétényi Street - Csurgói Street - Pajkos Street - Csorbai Street needed modernization, as many things have changed in the last decades, and the park usage habits have changed. The Local Government of Újbuda believes that solutions must be sought with a complex approach, by considering the functional unity of block. To do this, They need the help of those who live nearby, since no one knows more about the advantages and disadvantages of the area and they have to decide what surrondings they want to live in.
This is why the municipality, together with the enthusiastic young people of Budapest Dialog team, has initiated a community planning process in which they are looking for people who want to do something for their neighborhood.


Municipality of Újbuda


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