Smart Traffic Management

Smart Traffic Management

The Amsterdam region is one of the busiest regions of the Netherlands. Three road managers are active; the municipality of Amsterdam, the province of North Holland and the national government. They all try to optimize the traffic flow within their management area, but the measures they take sometimes conflict with each other. To improve traffic flow cooperation between all parties was necessary. Joint and automatic management: The city of Amsterdam now uses TrafficLink’s SCM system that is connected to the traffic system of the national government. Both centres can see what is going on, on just one screen. This is how the centres can jointly and automatically manage traffic within the region. Vehicle loss hours dropped by 10 percent: Since the initiative for regional cooperation and the implementation of intelligent traffic management, the percentage of vehicle loss hours in the Amsterdam area has dropped by 10 percent. Futureproof: Amsterdam's smart traffic management system can easily be prepared for connection with in-car and navigation equipment. This way, also in the future, Amsterdam can have it’s own modern digital road manager, which helps optimizing traffic flow within the whole region.


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