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Smart Environment

The parks

Parks are the highest sustainable lifestyle in the world, providing a net-zero lifestyle for 150,000 residents. The city will produce 100% of its energy, water and food on site to become a self-sufficient destination.

The 1700 hectare smart city is planned for the eastern region of South Africa. The development will provide a variety of mixed-use centres such as residential, health, tourism, entertainment, retail and education centres. The 40 000 residential units will be spread over 12 residential areas.

River basin restoreation

In the heart of western Europe, on the Dutch-Belgian border, work began in 2007 on a major habitat restoration project. The 45-kilometre stretch of the river, which originated in the Ardennes as the Meuse and reached the Dutch plain at Maastricht, where it is now called the Meuse, has been restored to its natural state at great cost in terms of time and money. The 1200 hectare RivierPark Maasvallei (Meuse Valley River Park) on the border between the Netherlands and Flanders in Belgium is now one of the most attractive destinations for green tourism.

Urban tech district

Dubai's Urban Tech District will be a living laboratory where innovation and entrepreneurship in urban technology will flourish together.

Located in Dubai's Al Jaddaf Creekside, the Urban Tech District will create 4,000 jobs in green urban technology, education and training. It will also host venture capital to fuel entrepreneurs, creating a unique collaborative urban technology ecosystem.

Szeged geothermal heating system

The geothermal system will start to be installed in five new districts in Szeged. Four elements of the nine-part system have been completed.
The trial runs of the four completed systems have been underway since the start of the heating season and the results so far speak for themselves.
Thanks to the trial operation, half a million cubic metres less gas per month are needed to run the district heating service in Szeged. This saves between 20 and 30 million HUF every month.

Energy storage for solar parks

Located in the heart of the sunny Mojave Desert, just 30 minutes from Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada, on BLM-managed federal land, Primergy is building Gemini, a solar farm capable of generating 690 MW of AC power and a battery energy storage facility capable of 380 MW. The project will be carefully sited and will produce enough reliable, clean energy to power 400,000 homes during peak periods.

Rotterdam, the walkable city

The historic centre of Rotterdam had to be rebuilt after World War II. At the time, planners thought of the city centre not as a place to live, but as a place where people came to work and shop. As a result, many tall buildings were erected and wide roads were created for cars. In recent decades, however, city leaders have realised that this is unsustainable and have started to plan on a 'pedestrian-friendly', 'people-friendly' scale: they have started to develop cycling infrastructure, reduce car traffic, create new housing units, etc.