V2X communication

V2X communication

V2X, or Vehicle to Everything communication, enables vehicles to communicate with each other and their environment. V2X is about knowing ahead without visibility. Unlike traditional sensors which try to replicate a sense we already have, such as vision, V2X adds a whole new dimension to human and machine perception. This sensor is capable of seeing around corners and beyond any obstruction in a radius of up to one mile. V2X communication sets out to resolve two main problems: safety and mobility

By securely exchanging information such as speed, acceleration, position and direction of travel, road safety can be significantly improved. Drivers get alerts about dangers in their path. Collisions on our roads can be dramatically reduced; estimations show that approximately 80% of accidents will be avoided.

Vehicles will be coordinating their maneuvers as they synchronize to avoid traffic jams or to drive through a green wave. V2X also provides real-time accurate data of vehicle status for accurate future movement prediction, and intention, such as turn lights.  This way traffic flows much better, resulting in less time in traffic for everyone.

In autonomous vehicles, V2X complements the information coming from other sensors, as it is the only available sensor in non-line-of-sight scenarios and works in rough weather and poor lighting conditions.