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Smart Mobility

Protheus project

The aim of the „Protheus Project” is to build up a sustainable e-mobility system, produce renewable electricity, and store that energy for the use by the city of Paks and the surrounding Municipalities. The projects’ main goal is the creation of a healthier, more energy-efficient and inhabitant friendlier city. The projects are: charger infrasutcutre, driver qualification, e-move ticket and pass, electric bike and roller system, electric buses and cars/taxis, energy distribution, energy storage, home solar cells, Paks card, smart garage, Solar cell park and transporting application.

eGo CarShare

eGo CarShare’s mission is to empower our community to live a car-free lifestyle and have a positive impact on our health, wealth, and shared environment. They aim to make Colorado a “Cooler”, healthier and more socially equitable place to live. eGo CarShare exist to provide carsharing as a service, not a business. The company  keep their's margins as low as possible. 


Cargonomia is a low-tech logistic center providing solutions for the transport of goods, in particular healthy and locally produced food in Budapest. It also a place to try out, rent and/or buy several types of cargobikes to solve your own transport needs. Cargonomia is a collection hub and distribution point for locally produced and organic food provided by partners. It aids in connecting producers to consumers directly by offering a community space for picking up goods while also making direct deliveries with the ease of cargo bike.


Action Program Smart Mobility - Amsterdam

The goals of  the action of Smart Mobility of Amsterdam is improving the safety, accessibility, quality of life and attractiveness of the city. Goals for the action program specifically:

1. Get insights in (technological) developments and innovations in the field of mobility and its impact on the city.

2. Anticipate on technological innovations and use these to reach the goals.

3. Stimulate and accelerate innovation in the city.

4. Strengthen cooperation with knowledge institutions and market parties.

Cyclocity - bike sharing

JCDecaux offers local communities an environmentally- friendly service via Cyclocity. The s ervice is easy to use, promotes urban mobility and complements the existing public transport network. The scheme consists of cycle stations that remain open 24/7 or only during the day and are equipped with bicycles and docking points. It allows users to hire a bike with their membership card or bank card. 

Pontevedra, the car-free city

The city of Pontevedra created a car-free city model. The central idea of ​​the model is the number of cars needed for the proper functioning of the city is much lower than we think, but the efficient and dynamic operation of urban transport must be ensured by meeting complex needs. Traditional urban models mostly focus on motor vehicles, while pedestrians are almost completely ignored.

Virtual power plant in Rheintal region

Virtual power plants pool energy from a broad variety of plant types and forward it to the distribution networks that are connected to them. To do this, they must be able to strike a balance between the over- and under-supply of power that occurs when renewable sources of energy are used. For this reason, most combined power plants are equipped with energy storage systems.

Smart Urban Logistic in Austria

The aim of the “Smart Urban Logistics” initiative is to build up an Austrian networking platform to boost and promote intelligent solutions in the field of urban logistics. The intention is to make stakeholders aware of the topic, to create acceptance for innovative technologies, to initiate a communication process, to support further discussions and to be the incentive for the start of pilot projects that help to design future cities.

Austrian Mobile Power

Austrian Mobile Power was established in 2009 as a platform to promote electric mobility within, and from, Austria. With members drawn from a wide range of industries, they represent concentrated know-how in the vehicle, infrastructure and energy sectors, technology providers and industry associations, all under a single roof. They have set ourselves the goal of networking relevant players in politics and business and to jointly generate ideas to drive electric mobility in Austria, both at product and service level and through public relations activities.