City of Perth Free Public LoRa Network

City of Perth Free Public LoRa Network

As part of the City of Perth’s Smart Cities engagement programme, the city is providing a free public outdoor wireless Lo Range (LoRa) Network service for its citizen scientists, residents, community groups and businesses, to promote learning and innovation with smart devices connected to a network, collectively known as the “Internet of Things” or IoT.

The LoRa Network is perfect for anyone who wants to buy or build their own LoRa compatible smart devices that need to be connected to the internet to monitor and/or control the devices through client apps. These devices are could be used to control, track or sense some aspect of your business, home or environment.

LoRa devices send messages on unlicensed radio band frequencies that are free to use and the City’s pubic network will receive and forward messages for devices using the Australian AU915 band. Anyone with LoRa compatible AU915 devices can use the City’s LoRa network without having to pay for ongoing network access.

The City will install 7 LoRa network gateways that will be connected to the internet through The Things Network (TTN). TTN is a free global open LoRa Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) server provider where you can register your LoRa devices to start logging data from your sensors. TTN is a community based organisation and provides information and forums to get you started with LoRa technology to become actively involved in the “Internet of Things”.