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Smart Governance

BUDAPEST XV - Smart Problemreporting System

The aim of  "BUDAPEST XV" smart phone application is the interactive involvement of the XVth district's inhabitants in the improvement of the cityscape, as well as the simplification of complaint and problem reporting and the acceleration of case management. All the user has to do is provide a description of the problem when submitting a new report, then select from the predefined categories the most appropriate, and finally specify the exact location of the problem.

Digital Villages project

The “Digital Villages” project was initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Sports Rhineland-Palatinate and the IESE in the summer of 2015.Through an open innovation competition, associations of municipalities were invited to submit project ideas to improve the quality of life in their area by the means of digital services. Subsequently,  an  independent  jury  of  experts  of  politics, society and research selected the associations of communities of Eisenberg, Göllheim and Betzdorf-Gebhardshain as winners.

Main objectives of the project:

Zugló's interactive budget website

The municiaplity of Zugló not only pays attention to careful management of the taxpayers' money but tries out new methods in order to reach full transparency. With the help of Budapest's K-Monitor Office ands and the Fiscal Responsibility Institue, a professional website was created to present Zugló's budget, making it is easy to understand. This is considered important not only for reasons of transparency and accountability, but also because in the future they would like to involve the citizens of Zugló in budget planning.

Microker webpage

The Microker web application is a map search engine that allows producers and artisans anywhere in the country to display their products online for free. The aim is to enable consumers to obtain as many products as possible from their place of residence, directly from producers. This would allow food from more reliable sources to be placed on the tables and the money spent on it would stay in place, thus strengthening the local economy and significantly reducing the environmental burden of freight transport.

Smart Grid Pilot Project

Tha goal of KOM Central Smart Metering Ltd. is to harmonize the initiations of smart metering, smart grids, to support establishing synergies and competencies between the different industrial fields, to promote professional development in this topic.
In co-operation with the project association thousands of households will be provided by smart meters enabling both the consumers and the grid operators to obtain valuable information.

CityApp - Kecskemét

CityApp is a mobile application that helps users get to know news, institutions, sports facilities, restaurants, shops and local business services of Kecskemét all in one place. The application is free to download for anyone, and even stores and businesses can upload their services for free. After logging in, they can select a category that fits their business and upload data, so it can be easily reachable for the users. 

CityApp - Tiszaújváros

The municipality of Tiszaújváros gives high priority to "Smart City" program, which contains several elements. For their implementation, many improvements have already been made, including the pilot installation of a smart crosswalk, a free electric car charging station and the installation of a green energy-efficient smart bench for cell phones, tablets, and free WiFi access. In the "Smart Life" program segment, an up-to-date application, CityApp, has been created to inform locals and visitors of  the city.

The Climate Equity Toolkit

The Climate Equity Toolkit is a top-down overview of the effects of climate change in Colorado at the county level. Each topic covered is analyzed with overlaying data on climate exposure, sensitivity to change and adaptive capacity, as it relates to sectors such as agriculture, water, food, national security, transportation, outdoor recreation and more. This educational data visualization tool includes place-based knowledge focused on how climate change affects the most vulnerable communities across Colorado.