Stormwater Square

Stormwater Square

In 2013, the first rainwater storage square was completed in Benthemsquare, which serves a dual function of storing water and improving the quality of public spaces in the city. The water storage facilities have been made attractive and enjoyable to use, so that not only the capital and energy invested is visible, but the creative approach is also a forward-looking example. The project provide an opportunity to create environmental quality and identity in the central squares of other neighbourhoods. The rainwater square is used as a recreational area most of the time.

The design process was based on community consultation and workshops. It involved: students and teachers from Zadkine College and the Graphic Lyceum, members of the near church, the youth theatre, members of the David Lloyd gym and residents of the Agniese neighbourhood.

In the square three basins collect rainwater: two smaller, less deep basins receive water whenever it rains, - for immediate stormwater drainage and storage - and a deeper basin only when it rains persistently. Rainwater is collected from the surrounding larger area and channeled into the basins through large stainless steel gutters. A special feature of the gutters is that they are integrated with oversized steel elements that can be used as skating rinks in dry weather. Another special feature of the space is that the areas that can be flooded are painted blue and everything that carries water is a shiny stainless steel surface. 


Zadkine college
Graphic Lyceum
David Lloyd gym
Youth Theatre