(nyilvános magyar adatszolgáltató weboldal)


Project status

live (nyilvános magyar adatszolgáltató weboldal)

The is a free and open Hungarian data catalogue. The site was established by volunteers and NGO's  with the aim to create the first Hungarian open data databases collection on web page. Not copyrighted, public data or data of common interest can be uploaded freely to the webpage and can be organized. Further the site wants to be a meeting place for citizens, IT professionals, and researchers whom interested about open data in a long-term and where background materials, forums on the subject are available to users. Collected sources of material can be open data sets produced by the Hungarian public administration bodies, scientific and cultural institutions or citizens. The does not want to be in competition with government databases (e.g. but as a complement and wants to operate a voluntary non-government and non-profit online community.


Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, dmlab, MTA SZTAKI, Precognox, BI project