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Smart Governance


The city of Sejong is located in Korea and is a national model of a smart city. It is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, the Happy City at the confluence of the Miho River and the Geum River. 

3D City Model of New York City

Virtual 3D city models are a spatial representation of the relevant entities within cities. 3D city models have traditionally been used for many application areas like urban planning, navigation, tourism, disaster management, training simulation and gaming. For most of these application areas the 3D visualization is of highest importance. In this project, a semantic 3D city model of New York City (NYC) has been created based on datasets provided in the NYC Open Data Portal.

GLI Solutions map-based development of innovative ICT technologies

The company’s scope of activity covers the development of map-based and innovative ICT technologies. Indoor & outdoor positioning, sensor technology, traffic and process optimization systems and AI-supported predictive functions are dominant parts of the projects. The company has developed its own map of Hungary maintained and made available to the public continuously on the terkepem. hu portal. It is also part of the company’s B2B platform service.

3D City Model of Berlin

Nowadays, a semantic 3D city model of the German capital Berlin is freely available to the public as open data in CityGML format, which comprises around 550,000 LoD2 building objects within the whole city area (890 km²). The open data is provided via a web-based service portal through which users can select and download individual building models in a variety of 3D data formats.

911 Project – Predicting Hotspots for Accidents

Traffic volume, geographic centrality and unique relief have led to an increase in traffic accidents and fatalities every year since 2015. The Chattanooga Smart Community Collaborative (CCSC), launched the ’911 Project – Predicting Hotspots for Accidents’ in early 2018. It uses machine learning, specifically multi-layer perceptron (MLP) neural network models, to analyse both historic and current 911 data to identify accident trends. This dataset is cross-referenced with DarkSky weather data, roadway geometric data and accident time, date, geographical coordinates.

Perth Online Mapping system

Perth online mapping system provides publicly available, real-time information and data on specific spatial points in the city (eg. tree cadastre, cultural heritage, parking services, arts and cultural life, transportation, public WIFI activity levels, etc.). Use smart phone, tablet or desktop computer to access a variety of maps that contain City of Perth data alongside relevant State agency spatial data feeds via the WA Government Open Data platform.

Perth – Smart City Program

The first step in the rollout of the City of Perth’s new smart city innovation program has been achieved with the award of three tenders. The City was successful in securing a matched funding grant worth $1.3million from the Australian Government, through the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. This will see ground work commence on technology development and installation of hardware for four projects - Smart Precinct, Smart Irrigation, Smart Sustainability and Data Hub.