FB soil - improving the fertility of forest soils

FB soil - improving the fertility of forest soils

The goal of FBSoil is to improve the fertility of forest soils and to restore poor quality soils with environmentally-friendly soil conditioners. Its project is currently in the product development phase, and the company is working on the preparation of the MVP. The company was established at the end of 2020. The objective is to produce an eco-friendly product that will help advance sustainable regenerative agriculture and stop and reverse soil degradation.

Product development is focused on improving the health of existing microbial communities in soil. The product is optimised to strengthen the natural microflora of the soil. These ingredients support microorganisms that transform inorganic matter to make them usable by plants. The product is primarily used to improve the fertility of poor-quality forest soils and other soils of nature conservation value. At the same time, it can also be applied in other agricultural fields, monocultures. The company’s goal is to restore soils that have already lost fertility, to bring them back into production, thus supporting sustainable farming.