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Smart Environment


Since its establishment Robot-X has been operating with industrial automation and industrial robot technology. Instead of ready-made solutions, Robot-X has relied heavily on its own research and development from the beginning, and that’s what sets it apart from a traditional automation business. Innovation has become our primary goal, and we are proud that the most advanced technology solutions of today have appeared in our production lines and machines.

ThalesNano Energy - environmentally frendly hydrogen production

ThalesNano Energy is a world leader in electrolyzer technologies that focuses on two main areas: green hydrogen generation and CO2 transformation to chemicals. The company believes in the principle that to catalyze industry to reduce their CO2 levels you have to incentivize them by implementing innovative profitable solutions. Its electrolyzer technology is already used in thousands of chemical companies on 6 continents.

Power to Gas - carbon neutral synthetic natural gas production

Power-to-gas (P2G) is an emerging, cutting-edge technology, which is able to produce synthetic natural gas (SNG) from green hydrogen and CO2 that can come from a variety of sources, such as biogas, fermentation off-gas or captured from single point emitters such as power and industrial plants. SNG can be used for low-carbon heating, transport and industrial applications. In addition, once SNG is injected into existing natural gas pipelines, it can be used as a form of energy storage.


The members of MAKÉSZ group manufacture and build their environmentally friendly buildings in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development, using products with European certification and technical assessment. The aim is to construct buildings with low CO2 emissions, low heat loss, preferably without external energy demand, with renewable energy. It's important for us that as many of the building materials used are natural and recyclable, to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction and operation of the building.

WohnderJet Agro H20 spraying system

Wohnderjet Agro H20 is a new generation spraying system, which provides agricultural stakeholders with unbelievable efficiency in plant protection. Thanks to the innovative design of the sprayer nozzle, the company has taken spraying with drones to a new level. Wohnderjet technology is built on the CDA principle (Controlled Droplet Application), it controls every element of the drop forming process. Drone networkbased precision meteorological support is offered by the company.

Absolon - Tophouse eco-mobile homes

The Absolon company is engaged in the production of TOPHOUSE prefabricated eco-houses. These houses are more cost-effective, with minimal waste, energy efficient, and meeting the highest standards in environmental awareness. They leave behind a minimal footprint in the environment. TOPHOUSE mobile homes offer a wide range of applications. They are ideal for year-round living or seasonal recreation.

Water and Soil - soil conditioning liquid

Water&Soil Ltd. is an agricultural input material manufacturer that offers a solution to one of the biggest limiting factors, water scarcity. Water Retainer is an organic-based soil conditioning liquid that retains existing moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation loss. Water Retainer is also marketed in Hungary, Morocco, Kenya, Pakistan, India and Chile. It has been tested by scientific institutes in 14 countries on 4 continents. The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently recognized Water Retainer and included it in its list of recommended technologies.

Rakun box community

To replace disposable packaging materials used for take out and delivery of food, Rakun Kft. is introducing a waste-free food packaging system. Rakun boxes are made of stainless steel and provide a drop-free closure that can be refilled up to a thousand times. The boxes can be used by guests at any Rakun partner restaurant. Guests can subscribe to the service monthly through the Rakun Dobozközösség mobile app. This is a hygienic solution even during the epidemic, as the restaurant disinfects the boxes after each use.

Resysten - protective coatings

Resysten Hungary Kft. was founded in 2014. After years of research, the company has developed a unique, durable hygienic coating system that helps reduce the possibility of contact transmission of infections. It is an invisible, photocatalytic coating that can be used as a first-line protection system against the spread of infections and epidemics. Over the past seven years, the technology has already been proven in several places; public transport facilities, health care facilities, office buildings, community spaces, schools, factories and sports clubs have been surface treated.

Treeib - the irrigation bag

This is a family-based company based in Czechia that has made a real change in urban tree planting over the past 5 years by introducing watering bags for newly planted trees. Mortality of newly planted trees decreased from 50%-60% to nearly 0%. Since 2018, the company has been looking for solutions to save large urban trees during climate change and to boost them to 100% of their ecosystem services. It has developed a product and a method that makes this possible. It has filed an international patent application. But it has discovered more than it could ever have imagined