Treeib - the irrigation bag

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Treeib - the irrigation bag

This is a family-based company based in Czechia that has made a real change in urban tree planting over the past 5 years by introducing watering bags for newly planted trees. Mortality of newly planted trees decreased from 50%-60% to nearly 0%. Since 2018, the company has been looking for solutions to save large urban trees during climate change and to boost them to 100% of their ecosystem services. It has developed a product and a method that makes this possible. It has filed an international patent application. But it has discovered more than it could ever have imagined

In its research, the company has found that large trees are the most important part of the urban ecosystem. Large diameter trees store disproportionately more carbon and provide more ecosystem services compared to smaller trees. To keep cities liveable, we need to ensure that they survive. And LEDASCO knows how to do it. Approx. 70% of the problems with urban trees is caused by lack of water. The company has developed a set of tools named TREEIB®, the only non-invasive watering solution for large trees in the world. Large bags have many other uses, e.g. they can be used to apply site-specific fertilisers.



Czech Republic