Merging and conversion of two apartments

Merging and conversion of two apartments

The owners of the adjacent 50 square metre flats fell in love and decided to move in together and expand by squeezing and converting the flats. This very forward-looking and exemplary renovation was a challenge to reconcile, mainly from a technical and structural point of view, as panel houses require more care in this respect.

Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not impossible to reconfigure a monotonous housing structure internally or to enlarge relatively small dwellings, even on a housing estate scale. For those who like to live in panel flats but find their floor space insufficient, or who may want to change the template of their space, interior conversion is worth considering, in order to reduce the potential need for greenfield investment and to promote the widespread use of innovative solutions.

The owners envisioned modern, functional, bright and spacious spaces with unique furniture and natural materials. The challenge was to combine the two apartments in a contemporary and functional way, to use unique furniture and natural materials (within a reasonable price range) and to adapt to the needs and lifestyles of the users. 

The designers have taken full advantage of the southern exposure of the apartment to create a very bright, open space with flowing lines. A perfect harmony of clean forms, materials and colours characterises the apartment. The result is a modern and tailored space that suits the lifestyle of the owners.


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