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Smart People

SmartOslo Accelerator

An accelerator created to establish a dialogue between Oslo and the startup community. SmartOslo Accelerator invites a broad range of technologies capable of solving smart city challenges, some examples are sensors, IoT, big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, beacons, and virtual/augmented reality.


GAP gardens

The GAP gardens website has over 1 million plant photos, covering the widest spectrum of styles and offering something for every season. Not only does it provide a solution for individual photo searches, but if someone has a specific need or does not have time to browse, they can forward their photo request to the website staff with a short description and they will find the best one for them. 

Exploring Smart Cities Activity Book for Kids

A new book for children co-written by a former city Chief Information Officer (CIO) (Jonathan Reichental) aims to inspire the next generation of active citizens and civic leaders. Reichental, who was formerly the CIO for the City of Palo Alto before going on to teach and write the Smart Cities for Dummies book, said he hadn’t previously considered writing for children but when Brett Hoffstadt, the co-author of the book got in touch, “it immediately made sense.”

Vacant NL - Dutch Atlas of Vacancy

Vacant NL was a Dutch project for the 2010 Venice Biennale, showcasing the potential of 10,000 publicly owned empty buildings.

The RAAAF was asked by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) to present the potential of landscape architecture in the form of an installation that reflected the social problems. The Rietveld pavilion, which had been vacant for years, was the perfect choice of location, with a blue cityscape of styrofoam buildings inside.

Türchen calendar

Türchen is an individual countdown calendar. The users can create it theyself, fill it with their own content and share it with friends. Initially it was created as an advent calendar. As we don’t just wait for Christmas Eve, but also feverishly look forward to birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, the users can use the Türchen calendar for every countdown opportunity.

Christmas tree rental in Cheltenham

The company behind the idea is Cotswold Fir Forestry based in Shurdington, near Cheltenham. It was created in 2012 by the owners, Commercial Manager Craig Tennock and Horticultural Manager Paul Keene. They were looking for a more sustainable, cost effective and unique alternative to cut Christmas trees, as annually in the UK around 7 million cut Christmas trees sadly end up in landfill.

Order Christmas tree online

The company's aim is to ensure that no more trees are cut down than are sold. Customers can choose the right tree based on photos of the trees. Their pine plantations are located in Zala County, on the Zákony hill and in Nemespátró, which are very good conditions for growing healthy pine trees.