Passenger counting sensors on buses in Debrecen

Passenger counting sensors on buses in Debrecen

Initially 8 buses of DKV Transport Ltd. have been equipped with passenger counting sensors on an experimental basis, but now 14 buses are equipped with them. These sensors are able to provide DKV's scheduling team with data to optimise the company's service. This means that the data will be used to detect the busiest routes and lines, track how passenger numbers change between stops, and compare them at different times.

The data analysis is supported by an intuitive data visualisation interface, which not only promotes the work of professional colleagues, but also provides an opportunity to make the information easily understandable for (not necessarily professional) decision makers.

According to the long-term plans, sensors will be installed in each vehicle of the renewed bus fleet of DKV Ltd. to provide a complete picture of the utilisation of public transport in the city of Debrecen.


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