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Smart Governance

Smart Public Lighting in Szank

Using state-of-the art equipment developed by Prolan Co., the first SMART CITY system in Hungary was implemented in Szank. The system is based on the public lighting network and it covers the whole settlement. It was the first time the company has applied its ECLIPSE SMART CITY system in such a location where the public lighting network is energized continuously 24 hours a day. The Smart City services built on the intelligent public lighting combined with the sensor techniques provide significant improvement of the quaility of life for the residents.

North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union

The municipalities, economic parners, institutions and NGOs of the municipalities of Alsómocsolád, Bikal, Mágocs, Mekényes, Nagyhajmás decided in 2014 to work out a joint development program that would enable the synergistic development of the 5 settlements. The North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union was born from this initiative, which main goal is to establish long-term and well-grounded cooperation between local governments, companies, institutions and organizations within the micro-region. Moreover, the Union intends to create the first "Smart Area" of Hungary.


SmartATL is a consortium of technology companies and startups, state and city governments, and knowledge centers in metro Atlanta. Using applied information based on data collection, interaction, analytics and advanced simulation modeling, the group provides smart corridor connected-vehicle infrastructure which promotes the safe and efficient flow of transit and improving emergency responses.

Smart Cities Council

At Smarty Cities Council they envision a world where digital technology and intelligent design have been harnessed to create smart, sustainable cities with high-quality living and high-quality jobs. To tap into the transformative power of smart technologies, cities need a trusted, neutral advisor. The Smart Cities Council provides that help.They are a network of leading companies advised by top universities, laboratories and standards bodies.
They promote cities that embody our three core values, livability, workability and sustainability.

APKAPPA - Smart City Platform

Smart City Platform is a technological platform, open and integrated with any service delivered to the territory. Smart City Platform condenses in a single, integrated proposal the entire technological power of the Maggioli Group: smart lighting, Internet of Things, cloud computing, smart metering, smart video surveillance and security, interoperable backoffice software solutions, mobile APPs.

Urban Platform - Ubiwhere

The Urban Platform provides municipalities with a global and integrated view of their cities, presenting data from various domains, such as traffic, air quality and waste collection. This information, presented in a single control panel, allows municipalities to obtain the data needed to make informed and targeted management.
In this way, they can ensure that the decisions taken are well-founded and provide empirical reports on their impact.

Playkers - Social Sports For Smart Cities

Playkers is a social sport-oriented platform that gives end-to-end management solutions for amateur sports players and field owners. With Playkers, municipalities can maximize their sports facilities' occupancy and engage with targeted sports communities. Players can manage a full cycle of game participation, including setting up games, locating games that are seeking players, and finding and inviting players.

Budapest Dialog

Budapest Dialog is a community urban development site through which local people and municipalities can share their development ideas and projects with each other. The portal's interactive interface helps target development proposals, while helping local government project development and community planning. The city of the future is based on the people who want to live in it and want to do it and the local self-government based on local energies.

Participate Melbourne

Participate Melbourne is the City of Melbourne's online community where the citizens can have their say on the city's big issues and future plans. Their opinion and ideas help shape Council's decisions on planning and renewal, transport, health, technology and the environment.

Greater Copenhagen Collaboration

Greater Copenhagen is a metropolitan region that spans Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden. The 85 municipalities in Greater Copenhagen are home to 4.3 million inhabitants and Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees. The region offers world class research facilities and a creative business environment with access to the markets of two countries. Greater Copenhagen aims to be the leading metropolis in Northern Europe in terms of attracting and retaining international investments, companies, tourism and talent.