NN Pwer Cube

NN Pwer Cube

The NN Power Cube is a modular unit combining technical features and smart solutions, which is able to provide a complete, uninterrupted power supply for a given system, building or part of a building, either stand-alone (installed in a container) or integrated into a building. The system is able to combine grid electricity, electricity generated by solar panels and electricity generated by an aggregator to ensure a consistent operation.

The central unit continuously synchronises the voltages and a microprocessor unit controls the power paths. This unit also controls the thermal management of the container and the coordinated operation of other systems. Thanks to the smart remote control, we are immediately informed of any event and can react to any faults or malfunctions, connected to our own 24-hour control centre. The system also immediately notifies the competent body or its own or the customer's technical units if intervention is required (e.g. lack of fuel in the aggregator, aggregator maintenance after a certain operating hour, etc.).

The system uses primarily green energy for operation and only buys grid electricity when the solar panels no longer produce enough to ensure uninterrupted operation. By using green energy, the system significantly reduces carbon emissions.