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Smart Environment

ThalesNano Energy - environmentally frendly hydrogen production

ThalesNano Energy is a world leader in electrolyzer technologies that focuses on two main areas: green hydrogen generation and CO2 transformation to chemicals. The company believes in the principle that to catalyze industry to reduce their CO2 levels you have to incentivize them by implementing innovative profitable solutions. Its electrolyzer technology is already used in thousands of chemical companies on 6 continents.

Power to Gas - carbon neutral synthetic natural gas production

Power-to-gas (P2G) is an emerging, cutting-edge technology, which is able to produce synthetic natural gas (SNG) from green hydrogen and CO2 that can come from a variety of sources, such as biogas, fermentation off-gas or captured from single point emitters such as power and industrial plants. SNG can be used for low-carbon heating, transport and industrial applications. In addition, once SNG is injected into existing natural gas pipelines, it can be used as a form of energy storage.

Water and Soil - soil conditioning liquid

Water&Soil Ltd. is an agricultural input material manufacturer that offers a solution to one of the biggest limiting factors, water scarcity. Water Retainer is an organic-based soil conditioning liquid that retains existing moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation loss. Water Retainer is also marketed in Hungary, Morocco, Kenya, Pakistan, India and Chile. It has been tested by scientific institutes in 14 countries on 4 continents. The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently recognized Water Retainer and included it in its list of recommended technologies.

Green Drops Farm - hydroponic crop production

As a result of its research, the company have developed and created its own hydroponic equipment, which, beyond the advantages of hydroponic technology, can be rotated manually or automatically. This way, up to 25% less energy needs to be used for lighting than if it were illuminated on all sides. Due to the innovative design of the equipment, the size of the system can be adapted on demand. The company currently sells equipment one by one, as well as large systems by building several towers together.

Solar roof tiles

Of the various roofing materials, the production of concrete tiles is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Concrete is made of four natural raw materials: limestone, river sand, water and iron oxide. Domestic production is a responsible step in itself, as the products have a much shorter journey thanks to inland transport, and therefore less impact on the environment.

FLOWBOX autonomous energy management and optimisation platform

FLOWBOX is an autonomous energy management and optimization platform to save energy, make more efficient operations, and to reduce carbon footprints. The platform can actively and autonomously manage and optimize operational technologies, and is able to provide demand flexibility for the smart grid. It is a hardware-agnostic system not tied to a specific hardware manufacturer. The robust hierarchical architecture utilizes edge computing and is optimized for mission-critical applications. Data is shared across multiple teams and external systems.

Alteo - renewable energy production

ALTEO Plc. is a Hungarian-owned energy service and trading company with a modern perspective. The scope of its business activity covers renewables and natural gas-based energy production, energy trade and bespoke energy services and development for companies. ALTEO provides its customers with a reliable and environmentally responsible energy supply based on the sustainable use of renewable energy. The Group considers the domestic promotion of high-efficiency decentralized and renewables-based electricity generation to be its priority.

Australian solar farm

A significant energy transition is underway in the Indo-Pacific and the share of energy delivered by electricity is growing quickly. In Southeast Asia, energy demand is growing at an average of 6% per year and forecast to grow 60% by 2040. Demand for renewable electricity is accelerating due to its low cost.

AgeVolt intelligent energy management system

AgeVolt is aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals of Climate Action and Affordable & Clean Energy. The company’s intelligent energy management system connects to an existing electrical connection and uses the building’s available reserved capacity. It ensures that the EV charging is optimised through dynamic load balancing and enables grid demand balancing on a local/municipal/ regional level. This reduces the capital and operational costs by 20% and is energy efficient.

PontVelem smart program

The most important goal of the ScoreWithMe Smart Program is to educate and raise awareness of sustainability among the younger generation. The focus of the program is on the selective collection of waste, with a special emphasis on the collection of used batteries, small accumulators and used mobile phones. The points earned through the collection can be managed by the students in the PontBank in the Financial Compass-BankWithMe program, and they learn about basic banking and financial concepts.