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Smart Environment

Mastiff Cargo Bike

Mastiff is a Hungarian design and domestic serial manufactured two-wheel bicycle. Fast, stable and practical partner in everyday freight transport. With human power, it can move up to 100 kg of loads. The vase is made of steel, therfore it is strong and durable, yet affordable. Mastiff Cargo is 2.5 m long and 46 cm wide. Loading surface more than 80 cm long. Suitable for short and medium distance transport for small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions. It can be replaced by short-term vehicle transportation or every movement of materials in lager locations.

Vilawatt project

The local government of Viladecans, in Barcelona, set up an energy company based on citizen participation to promote the shift to environmentally friendly power sources and the renovation of homes to make them more energy efficient. In addition, a digital currency was created to reward people for saving energy. The money could be spent at businesses in their area to boost the local economy. The wider goal was to ensure the sustainable use of resources in a socially just community in which citizens play an active role.

Tree-planting drones

In a remote field south of Yangon, Myanmar, tiny mangrove saplings are now roughly 20 inches tall. It’s early proof of technology that could help restore forests at the pace needed to fight climate change. Two operators working with 10 drones can theoretically plant 400,000 trees in a day. Roughly half of the world’s mangrove forests have been lost.

Perth – Trees in the City

This dataset contains current tree data for the City of Perth and contains information regarding the Botanical name, Common Name and Family. Data is compiled from field capture from a parks team. This is not a complete comprehensive inventory of all trees as trees in the private realm are excluded. Some errors and/or duplicate data may exist.

Perth – Smart City Program

The first step in the rollout of the City of Perth’s new smart city innovation program has been achieved with the award of three tenders. The City was successful in securing a matched funding grant worth $1.3million from the Australian Government, through the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. This will see ground work commence on technology development and installation of hardware for four projects - Smart Precinct, Smart Irrigation, Smart Sustainability and Data Hub.

Cooling white paint

Purdue University engineers have created white paint that can keep surfaces up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than their ambient surroundings – almost like a refrigerator does, but without consuming energy.

According to the researchers, the paint would replace the need for air conditioning by absorbing nearly no solar energy and sending heat away from the building. Without the building heating up, air conditioning wouldn’t have to kick on.

Energy positive buildings

Powerhouse represents a collaboration in the development of climate buildings, and consists of the property company Entra, the entrepreneur Skanska, the environmental organization ZERO, Snøhetta architecture and design office, and the consulting company Asplan Viak.

Carbon Upcycling

Carbon Upcycling's proprietary, patented technology chemically adsorbs CO2 emissions into exfoliated inorganic solids to create a portfolio of fine nanoparticles. Per tonne of product, their technology sequesters sizable quantities of CO2 and has been proven stable during temperature tests.

First they place powder feed stocks in reactors, then they pressurize it with gaseous CO2 and as a result they gain nanoparticle additives for commercial applications, like concrete, plastics or corrosion coatings.

Bioo - Electricity from nature

Bioo has developed a way of generating electricity from plants that doesn’t damage them and is 100 per cent renewable.

Bioo Panel is a vegetal panel that generates and supplies energy from nature to light up parks and gardens. In the future, Bioo seeks to use its technology as an energy source comparable to solar, hydropower or wind energy.