A Canadian startup recently unveiled an airplane-train hybrid that they claim could fundamentally transform travel. The all-electric FluxJet will be able to soar at an emission speed of more than 621 miles per hour, or 999 kilometres per hour.

The wingless aircraft - as the company calls it - will use contactless power transfer and a host of technological innovations to create its dizzyingly fast speed. According to the latest information, it will be able to carry fifty-four passengers and two wheelchairs at a time, and will also be equipped with four luggage compartments that can hold up to ten tonnes of cargo. The TransPod line will have stations in key locations and major cities. Flights are expected to depart every two minutes and tickets are said to cost around forty-four percent less than air travel.

The company recently unveiled a miniaturised FluxJet at an event in Toronto to demonstrate its capabilities. The demo model performed take-off and landing manoeuvres.