Smart hub

Smart hub

Three Hungarian companies, PLATIO Solar, Rollin and Kuube, have developed a unique urban solution: a micro-mobility station with green energy and smart features. The three products create a smart urban point that can reform urban transport, not only making it sustainable and green, but also providing a community experience for users. The unique feature of the service is that it does all this locally, using solar energy generated by paving stones.

PLATIO Solar's solar paving stones generate solar energy locally, which is used to charge the scooters resting at Rollin's charging station. This allows not only for charging with clean energy, but also for the orderly storage of the scooters. And the Kuube Plus bench provides smart features and a community experience. Users can relax on the design bench while charging their scooter, while charging their phone, surfing the internet or listening to music, all charged by locally generated solar energy.

The advantage of this solution is that it can be deployed in an isolated manner, no grid connection is required, making it easy to install and relieving the overloaded energy grid.

It can be installed anywhere in a built-up urban environment, be it in a public square or next to railway stations or shopping centres.