Budapest Solar Map

Budapest Solar Map

The Budapest Solar Map of the Municipality of Budapest and the Hungarian Solar Solar Association developed by the Budapest Solar PV Association.

The map is based on the real estate registry map database (building- building maps, floor plans, parcel numbers) which the Municipality of Budapest uses for the The Municipality of Budapest receives updated data from Lechner Nonprofit Kft. every six months. The building floor plans show the status of the buildings in 2021, but no errors or omissions in the construction of the buildings have been reported to the competent authorities.

The surface model used for the simulation is based on the 2016 remote sensing survey commissioned by the Municipality of Budapest.

The solar potential for a suitable roof surface is technically the maximum power of the assumed 400 W solar panels of 1.8 m2 that can be technically installed The actual capacity of the solar PV system will be determined by the equipment chosen, the user
user requirements and the relevant regulations. The expected electricity production value assumes 1000 kWh/year per 1 kW for each roof plane of each building, for the total technical potential, irrespective of the actual roof surface area of the roof properties of the actual roof. In reality, the expected annual production in each case depends on the building and the solar PV system.
The parameters retrieved from the buildings are the results of large-scale analyses rather than individual surveys, which are based on the large number of buildings and the lack of knowledge of many on-site, technical factors and technical building data.