T-City CityPass - Integrated School Information System

T-City CityPass - Integrated School Information System

Students who joined the system test in the school received a so-called SchoolCard (Sulikártya) which is a plastic ID card with RFID technology. Using the card for entry and exit through the entrance of the school with swivel gates significantly reduces the number of unauthorized entry and significantly increases the safety of the students as well as the school's assets. The system continuously logs the entry and exit in which the users with appropriate privileges such as registered students and parents can query the data at any time even via internet. If required parents can receive text message when children has arrived or has left school. The system includes an information LCD display which welcomes who enter into school and messages of public interest appear on it edited by the school. The Integrated School Access Control System is a nationally unique development which simultaneously serves the children's safety helps the education and provides cost-effective solutions in the school administration.


T-Systems Hungary, Netlock Ltd., National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Szolnok Local Government, citizens