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Smart Governance

Seoul robot park patrol

Self-driving car robots will patrol the city to detect dangerous situations while IoT-powered collecting bins will be wheeled out to help improve the recycling rate of domestic waste. Seoul has announced, that self-driving car robots will patrol the city to detect dangerous situations or to spray disinfectant.

3D visualisation tool aids brownfield redevelopment in Norrköping

Norrköping, while had to face major challenges when the inner harbor was being transformed into an integrated part of the city with new homes, canals, baths and parks, developed a visualization tool giving professional and public stakeholders the possibility to see and interact with contaminations in a whole new way. The land to be renewed is among the most polluted in the country and the rehabilitation measures are estimated to cost up to SEK 450 million.


Citydev.brussels (formerly SDRB) helps enterprises find a suitable operating site in the Brussels Region. In addition, it builds houses for private individuals within the context of urban renovation projects.

The projects of citydev.brussels are aimed at two target groups: enterprises and private individuals.

0W Xmas — Cosimo Scotucci

The shape of the scenography is an almost infinite barrel vault the clearly refers to the classical archetypes that are scattered all around the city, and many ceiling decoration of the old times.

Via del Corso in Rome has been covered with 35,000 globes made out of luminescent, fully recycled, plastic. These elements are capable of absorbing the natural light in the daytime and release it during the night.

Belfast Urban Childhoods Masterplan

With 35% of Belfast’s population aged 25 or under, Belfast City Council recognised the need to design for the youngest in the population and place them at the heart of city planning. With support from the Resilient Cities Network (R-Cities), and working closely with Belfast City Council, Arup developed a framework and design strategy (Belfast Urban Childhoods Masterplan) that creates a more healthy, inclusive and child-friendly city centre in Belfast. 

3D City Model of Berlin

Nowadays, a semantic 3D city model of the German capital Berlin is freely available to the public as open data in CityGML format, which comprises around 550,000 LoD2 building objects within the whole city area (890 km²). The open data is provided via a web-based service portal through which users can select and download individual building models in a variety of 3D data formats.