T-City City Guard (eNoto)

T-City City Guard (eNoto)

eNOTO is a system based on image processing service that does not require a wired network installationand it works on mobile network. It is automatically capable to alarm based on image processing and it does not require constant human supervision so the evaluation of the license plate data is much easier than reviewing imagery for several hours. During the system test it is possible to do comparison with the recognized number plate data and wanted data in real time and provides an opportunity to set up for local monitoring. The system is able to send alarms via email and sms and additionally the police, Civil Guard and Pudlic Space Authority can be involved too. The system can provide traffic statistics for cities. People with the appropriate permissions can access remotely even with a smart phone. The central software supports the recorded data storage, processing and query. For authorized users the software is available through a secure channel of a standard browser. The system users and operators can obtain different system-specific information according to permission. The product itself is an important prevention tool because its installation and operation is public. After crimes committed in the region the passing vehicles license plate number can be button listed thus it is supporting the police investigation activities. The test project based on eNOTO automatic city-guard camera system.


T-Systems Hungary, Szolnok Local Government, AR ELEKTRONIKA Zrt., police