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Smart Governance

Camera system in Csemő

A camera system was built in the settlement with the help of Invitech, 6 cameras were installed in 5 location. The image of the cameras is stored in a cloud-based data center, which Invitech provides direct access to the police. This solution facilitates extremely fast retrieval and detection.

North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union

The municipalities, economic parners, institutions and NGOs of the municipalities of Alsómocsolád, Bikal, Mágocs, Mekényes, Nagyhajmás decided in 2014 to work out a joint development program that would enable the synergistic development of the 5 settlements. The North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union was born from this initiative, which main goal is to establish long-term and well-grounded cooperation between local governments, companies, institutions and organizations within the micro-region. Moreover, the Union intends to create the first "Smart Area" of Hungary.

Smart City developments - Tata

As part of the Digital Prosperity Program (Digitális Jólét Program - DJP) 2.0, Tata is also one of the pilot programs for smart city developments. The city already reached the folllowing achievements: installation of electric car chargers, modernization of public lighting (LED lights), installation of EON rechargeable consumers, various smart tourism solutions (thematic walks or attractions with QR code) and energy upgrades in schools.

Tamási, the digital small town

A comprehensive development strategy, Digital Prosperity Program (Digitális Jólét Program - DJP), formulates programs to support digitization in almost all areas of the Hungarian economy, state operation and digital development of Hungarian society. One of the designated areas of intervention of the DJP is the so-called "spreading smart city solutions and approaches". In the country, 10 pilot projects will be launched, with the help of resources from the Digital Prosperity Program, to fully prepare their own smart city development program.

Smart traffic lights

The system developed by the TU Graz and the municipal department 33 (Public Lighting) differs significantly from a simple motion sensor. While such a system would switch to green even when any other object would pass it, the traffic light camera detects not only people but also whether there is a desire to cross or not. In addition to traffic lights with pedestrian recognition, there are also efforts in the City of Vienna to make the traffic light system as a whole smarter and more flexible. This is to be achieved by interconnecting all traffic lights.

Alibaba City Brain

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group launched its Malaysia City Brain initiative in Kuala Lumpur.
It is developed on Alibaba Cloud’s robust cloud computing infrastructure and will support Malaysia’s digital transformation with cloud technology and artificial intelligence.
The power and functionality of the City Brain will enable Malaysian urban planners and city officials to upgrade their city governance and decision-making to turn the city into an intelligent one.

CityScore - Boston

CityScore is an initiative designed to inform the Mayor and city managers about the overall health of the City at a moment’s notice by aggregating key performance metrics into one number. They provide an overview of the CityScore tool and data, but more importantly they show the potential users how they are using CityScore to make improvements across the City.