Smart street-lighting control system

Smart street-lighting control system

The control system supports the unused possibilities of street light systems so it synthetizes in one coordinated unit the saving and development elements. In the possibilities of intelligent control system each element may operate individually or grouped form. The system is feasible for optimal cost-effective operation. Significant savings can be made on the minor roads at night by partial lighting operation or with brightness control. Depending on the system abilities immediate 25-30 percent savings can be ensured while the residents' comfort level is not reduced. The system is suitable for traditional lighters as well as for the electronic igniter operated lamps. The built-in measurement and communication options ensure that the actual status of each item in system are known. The system allows to detect losses and reactive power in the network so with these corrections can gain further substantial savings. Data can be displayed on an interactive map and on your values you can attach surveillance or alarm system. On this basis a targeted maintenance strategy can be developed thus the lifetime of system elements can be improve while other operation costs can be reduced. The network handles each public lighting, decorative lighting and building lighting elements independently. These elements are optionally grouped and their power consumption and light up strength individually regulated. The system provides about the user accurate, real-time consumption data as well as the detailed information about each lamppost. The user can review and control the public lighting network sitting in front of the monitor and can intervene immediately if necessary.


T-Systems Hungary, Szolnok Local Government