Wind power street lighting

Wind power street lighting

Project Summary: Located near the El Paso International Airport, 16 EddyGT wind turbines line the highway, helping to showcase the city's growing commitment to sustainability. UGE and partner Better Living Technology LLC were involved with the project from the early design stages through installation. The turbines are mounted atop a custom-fabricated steel tower, fabricated by local metal shop Caid Industries and designed by Vicki Scuri, to complement the shape of the turbines and create an effect that instantly makes the turbines stand out on the skyline. After dark, the 16 towers are illuminated by LED lights, which recieve power from the turbines themselves. Blending both art and function, the project brings a unique achievement in sustainable design to El Paso residents and visitors alike.


El Paso Transportation Authority, Urban Green Energy, Better Living Technology LLC


United States of America (USA)
El Paso