Stickyworld (community planning helper application)

Stickyworld (community planning helper application)

Stickyworld is a stakeholder engagement platform enabling presentation and detailed discussion of maps, plans, videos and 360 virtual tours. People stick digital ‘post-it notes’ directly on slides to leave comments. This enables feedback throughout the whole project lifecycle for any building or neighbourhood, and has been used across London in Bloomsbury, Kentish Town and Haringey for community engagement, and was also used, for example by The Design Museum, who published a 360° virtual tour of their new museum to stick comments on. Stickyworld’s new beta version enables crowdsourcing of photos about a local place via twitter, before publishing in Stickyworld’s visual forum for more a detailed forum discussion.


University of East London
Planning in the Pub
City, University London


United Kingdom (UK)