Model Me (community planning helper application)

Model Me (community planning helper application)

TransformCity (ZO!City) has collaborated with ModelMe 3D (Burton Hamfelt) to develop a demo for an online application called ‘Amstel 3D Pilot’. Parties both in and outside of the region can use the application to post initiatives for development into a 3D model of Amstel 3 area. For example: a beach volleyball tournament, parking space sharing or the redevelopment of an office building. This ICT tool will stimulate the development of such bottom-up initiatives and help create a strong community around them. The initial development steps for Amstel 3D Pilot involved the harmonisation of numerous databases and map information. Amstel 3D Pilot is the framework upon which parties can formulate their analysis, question or proposition, drawing on their own insights and data. Amsterdam Smart City has also coordinated research into the best methods for incorporating a visual representation of time-based data in Amstel 3D Pilot. Amstel 3D Pilot is supported by Amsterdam Smart City, the City of Amsterdam and several stakeholders and parties active in the sector. All involved parties provided input to assist in the development of the application.


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