Házfal (house wall)

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Házfal (house wall)

For residents: Hazfal is a public place, where the residents can get to know each other. Helps in the cooperation, makes easier the residents’ interest vindication. Hazfal offers such a management tool for the residents, which helps them to be informed about the businesses of the condominium in a transparent way, helps managing the tenants, from anywhere, whenever, from any device without language barrier. For administrators: Hazfal is a cloud based online service, which offers services for the administrators, especially made for them. These services make easier the administration, make more efficient the operating, and reduce costs. For the residents, the system makes transparent the finance of the condominium, makes easier the participation in the business of the condominium and makes a community. As well as helps the communication between the residents and the administrators and strengthen the potential of the local community of cooperation.