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Smart People


Users could  download the Simplicity application and receive updates, city news, information about municipal services, emergency alerts, and more direct to their smartphones.

The Simplicity app is described as a “city in your phone” where residents and visitors can access critical city updates, emergency alerts, outages, road closures, city events, and more. The app is currently used by more than 100 cities, including New York City, Miami, the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago suburbs. Cleveland Denver, and other major US cities are launching the app in the upcoming months.

GAP gardens

The GAP gardens website has over 1 million plant photos, covering the widest spectrum of styles and offering something for every season. Not only does it provide a solution for individual photo searches, but if someone has a specific need or does not have time to browse, they can forward their photo request to the website staff with a short description and they will find the best one for them. 

"New Boulevard" in Budapest

An exciting example of tactical urbanism in Hungary is the creation of a "New Boulevard" in Budapest, between the Small and the Great Boulevard (more precisely between Andrássy street and Üllői street, connecting Székely Mihály - Kazinczy - Szentkirályi streets), where, according to the project description, "people like to walk, shop, organise community activities and neighbourhood programmes: a people-centred boulevard, where human encounters and urban recreation are at the forefront, alongside the birdsong."

Robot courier

The City of Tallinn has signed an agreement with robotic courier company Cleveron Mobility to provide unmanned parcel delivery services in the Old Town.

Cleveron Mobility is developing the multifunctional unmanned vehicles named Clevon 1, which aims to make the delivery of goods more environmentally and customer friendly as well as faster and cheaper. The robotic courier claims to provide a noise-free parcel delivery service, while ensuring pedestrian safety.

Digital Debrecen Google Maps project

The aim of the project is to fill the digital map of the city of Debrecen with the location data of various shops, organisations and tourist destinations (point of interest - POI). To achieve this goal, EDC Debrecen involved high school students, who were able to complete their mandatory community service hours through this project. The students, in groups of 2x6, accompanied by supervisors, spent 3 weeks travelling around the Great Boulevard (Nagykörút) of Debrecen, taking photos of each POI and uploading them and the necessary information to a database.


Szabihíd is a non-profit cultural event, an occasion for the pedestrian use of the Liberty Bridge. Its aim is to bring people closer to urban spaces, to their city and to the river that runs through it, and uncover the opportunities lying in our public spaces.

Empire Stores

This mixed-use development reimagines a vacant, 19th century warehouse on the DUMBO waterfront as a contemporary creative workplace and community hub. The conversion of this 42 000 m2 complex provides Brooklyn’s burgeoning Tech Triangle with much-needed office space, and brings retail, dining, public space, and exhibition galleries to the neighborhood.

Santa Factory

The Santa Claus Factory has become one of Hungary's best-known charity events.

Every year, more and more people volunteer. Many come to Hungary specifically for the Santa Claus Factory during the Christmas period. People from Australia, China, the USA and many other European countries come to help and pack.