Skool (programming for young girls)


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Skool (programming for young girls)

Skool is an independent Hungarian organization, the main project of the Foundation for Technology Education. Girls and women play an increasingly important role in modern society. Our future is determined by the direction the technological development will take. We are not only aware of this, but also working to support such development. We undertook a large mission to provide useful and usable technological knowledge to young girls and women in a new form of education as an independent organization, on a non-profit basis. We could even say: out of love. Through our programs we try to show young girls what technology is about and what career opportunities they could have in the future of this exciting world. Through this, we would like to encourage and inspire them to choose technology when they get to decide between various education and working opportunities. Our aim is also that young people should feel a sense of achievement during learning and should experience it as a joyful, explorative activity. We organize realistic, child- and human-centered programs that help young girls become active participants in technological innovation and be able to create and form their own future and achieve success in their professions in this area.


Technológiai Oktatásért Alapítvány, young girls, volunteer programmers