Air Boxes PM2.5

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Air Boxes PM2.5

The PM2.5 hazards is a serious problem that Taiwan is facing today. Last year, the air quality often reached “purple alert.” Therefore, Taipei City Government, Academia Sinica, Realtek and Asus set up  “PM2.5 Air Boxes” in Taipei. In this cooperation project, Realtek and Asus donated “Air Box” to each elementary school in Taipei City. This machine can detect temperature, humidity, PM2.5 data and transmit information to a cloud-based platform/website so that students and parents can access the Internet or use an APP to view environmental data. Using data and visualized interface allow students and parents better understand the current environment status. Besides, the massive of detectors will be used for research and education. In addition to donating 150 “Air Boxes” to schools, Realtek and Asus also plan to provide 50 “Air Boxes” to LASS community and another 50 to citizens in Taipei.