Eco Friendly Playground of Margaret Island

Eco Friendly Playground of Margaret Island

The first playground in Hungary that is specifically aimed at environmental education and sustainability was installed at Margitsziget, Budapest. The eco-playground is also the first to achieve approved rating in the Green city Sustainability Accreditation System and is officially accredited. The concept of the eco-playground reflects the idea of environmentally conscious lifestyle, while also respecting usability and maintenance conditions, and the fact that the playground is built in one of the most intensively used public park of the capital, with an expected high stress load. Key elements of the playground are the educative toys and pieces. Information boards explaining environmentally conscious urban lifestyle and the importance of urban green areas are combined with the installed toys. Further, children can experience the use of renewable energy sources through water games, playing shadow games, using spring toys to learn about the trees of the island and footprint stones to learn about its fauna. 


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