Smart public transportation system

Smart public transportation system

Smart city IT solutions transform the entire operation of the public transportation service of Tatabánya. The real-time vehicle tracking and  the passenger information system, the mobile travel planner application, the financial solution that integrates ticketing and financial settlements into one system have all been built from scratch in about one and a half years. The passenger wants to decide whether it is worth waiting for the bus or how much they have to pay for the route, preferably on a lenght basis, based on real-time digital vehicle tracking. The operator wants to know the route utilization so that he can plan routes and timetables in the best and most cost-effective way according to passenger needs. And the maintainer wants to see exactly what the service provider has spent money on. These needs can only be met with smart, integrated transport solutions. The backbone of the development is the built-in computer in the vehicles and the real-time central system connected to them. These include the real-time passenger information system, including digital signage at the stops and the mobile travel planner application, as well as ticketing, route planning and scheduling.


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