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Smart Living

Travel safety application

The City of Charlotte’s Department of Transportation (CDoT) has launched an app designed to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

 The TravelSafely App, which has been rolled out as a pilot project in South End, connects users to an electronic network of intersection and crosswalk data, as well as to each other.

Türchen calendar

Türchen is an individual countdown calendar. The users can create it theyself, fill it with their own content and share it with friends. Initially it was created as an advent calendar. As we don’t just wait for Christmas Eve, but also feverishly look forward to birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, the users can use the Türchen calendar for every countdown opportunity.

OOTT - smart home

OOT Technologies Ltd. (OOTT) is a company dealing with the manufacturing of smart home hubs and the installation of home automation systems. Its smart home solutions enable customers to save energy and costs and make their homes more comfortable and safer. The wireless OOTT system offers compatibility with several smart home tools including Apple Homekit, Google Home and Alexa systems, too. The OOTT system is controllable through mobile apps, even with voice commands.

Airly - sensor-based air quality monitoring

Airly provides the most advanced air quality monitoring. It is a complete, fully integrated system - from hardware to software. Through sensors, it is possible to collect, process and interpret data in real time. Airly sensors measure key components of air pollution, i.e. particulate matter and gases as well as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. The solution is implemented by cities as one of the Smart City technologies.

Volocity - autonomous air taxi

The VoloCity will become the first commercially licensed Volocopter, developed according to the high standards and requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Their intensive testing programme has shaped the innovative design and outstanding overall performance of the VoloCity. Quiet, safe, and comfortable, the VoloCity engenders Urban Air Mobility.

Perth – Smart City Program

The first step in the rollout of the City of Perth’s new smart city innovation program has been achieved with the award of three tenders. The City was successful in securing a matched funding grant worth $1.3million from the Australian Government, through the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. This will see ground work commence on technology development and installation of hardware for four projects - Smart Precinct, Smart Irrigation, Smart Sustainability and Data Hub.