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Smart Living

Smart Neighborhood

Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood is a future-focused, energy-efficient community with homes that are rated 35 percent more efficient than standard Alabama homes being built today. Located in Alabama, smart Neighborhood integrates high-performance homes, energy efficient systems and appliances, connected devices and a microgrid on a community-wide scale for the first time in the Southeast.

BUDAPEST XV - Smart Problemreporting System

The aim of  "BUDAPEST XV" smart phone application is the interactive involvement of the XVth district's inhabitants in the improvement of the cityscape, as well as the simplification of complaint and problem reporting and the acceleration of case management. All the user has to do is provide a description of the problem when submitting a new report, then select from the predefined categories the most appropriate, and finally specify the exact location of the problem.

Sensibel button and application

Gathers and maps cyclists' experience using a Sensibel button and a participatory app.
Cycling is our least-understood and potentially most transformational mode of movement in cities.
Sensibel is a participatory platform that enables citizens to share their cycle commute stories by quickly placing a positive or negative “experience point” along their journey. Later, each cyclist can annotate their experience points with text and images.

Smart public transportation system

Smart city IT solutions transform the entire operation of the public transportation service of Tatabánya. The real-time vehicle tracking and  the passenger information system, the mobile travel planner application, the financial solution that integrates ticketing and financial settlements into one system have all been built from scratch in about one and a half years. The passenger wants to decide whether it is worth waiting for the bus or how much they have to pay for the route, preferably on a lenght basis, based on real-time digital vehicle tracking.

Connected smart lighting system

The first connected smart public lighting system in Budapest can be found in Lechner Ödön alley (IXth district). In the pilot project, five street lighting poles with different functions were installed and connected. Besides of being capable of  power-saving, brightness control, and remote control the lighting poles provide intelligent functionality, for example wireless service, video recording, emergency calling, electric vehicle charging, environmental sensors and programmable LED information screens.

SMARTA project

Rural public transport services in Europe are under stress, due to a combination of factors including austerity measures, demographic change and poor connectivity in terms of transport and telecommunications infrastructure. The absence of a range of services, including mobility, has resulted in rural areas that have become highly auto dependent. The inevitable outcome is that those without cars are dependent on others for lifts, often meaning they have reduced possibilities to participate in society.

Smart Grid Pilot Project

Tha goal of KOM Central Smart Metering Ltd. is to harmonize the initiations of smart metering, smart grids, to support establishing synergies and competencies between the different industrial fields, to promote professional development in this topic.
In co-operation with the project association thousands of households will be provided by smart meters enabling both the consumers and the grid operators to obtain valuable information.

Protheus project

The aim of the „Protheus Project” is to build up a sustainable e-mobility system, produce renewable electricity, and store that energy for the use by the city of Paks and the surrounding Municipalities. The projects’ main goal is the creation of a healthier, more energy-efficient and inhabitant friendlier city. The projects are: charger infrasutcutre, driver qualification, e-move ticket and pass, electric bike and roller system, electric buses and cars/taxis, energy distribution, energy storage, home solar cells, Paks card, smart garage, Solar cell park and transporting application.

Development of the village of Baksa

Baksa is a village in Baranya County lived by 860 people. The Municipality actively works on boosting the village and its facilities.
In order of safe transport a traffic slower lane and surveillance cameras were installed. At several points in the village, there is a different surveillance system, for example in the center of a large intersection.