Self-Reporting Health Status and Symptoms

Self-Reporting Health Status and Symptoms

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world, it has become apparent that testing is essential for slowing community spread. Non-targeted longitudinal testing of a large population is currently infeasible in Switzerland, diagnostic testing is limited to only severe cases. They would like to supplement traditional diagnostic testing with a short and anonymous survey. This survey will allow us to longitudinally track the spread of symptomatic persons across the entire country and possibly hint as to how many symptomatic people currently exist, and where there is likely to be a large increase or local clustering of cases. Their plan to release summary statistics to educate the public and give clear motivation to practice physical distancing, and to inform the Canton of Bern and other interested governmental entities on the symptom dynamics in their communities. The aim of the COVID-19 tracker is to collect as much data, as quickly, and for as many days as possible, from a sample of the Swiss population, no matter whether they are sick or not. Among other things, this data is intended to provide a more detailed picture of the corona situation in different parts of our country.


Kanton Bern