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Smart Living

Climate aware Wolfhagen

The Wolfhager City Council unanimously decided in April 2008 to fully cover the power supply by 2015 from renewable sources. This goal was achieved with the commissioning of the wind farm Rödeser, 2014.
Another important milestone on the road to climate neutrality in the power supply was laid by the Wolfhager public utilities already beginning of 2006. The Stadtwerke Wolfhagen, which previously operated already power the core city and the district Bründersen bought electricity networks back in 11 districts from Eon Group back.

Road Zipper

The Road Zipper System is designed to create a positive traffic barrier between opposing lanes of traffic and between motorists and construction work areas.
The Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM) laterally transfers the barrier wall, one lane or more, at speeds of up to 10 mph (15 km/h).  This allows the contractor to quickly reconfigure the roadway to meet changing traffic demands and at the same time expedite construction.

Autonomic nerves monitoring for self-health management

In recent years, due to the impact of health trends, community sports center has become the first fitness choice for many citizens. With diversified services, the sports center became the closest public building to the general public. In order to providing more friendly services, Neihu Sports Center introduced “autonomic nerves monitoring for self-health management” solution, which was invented by Vicon Healthcare International, to help people to further mastery of their health.

UAV application to establish urban disaster communication and redundancy platform

An earthquake in Kaohsiung, Meinong district caused the collapse of the Tainan Wei-Kung building. It caused flooding because of the water pipe rupture and made the rescue become difficult. Typhoon Meranti brought heavy rains to the southern Taiwan, resulting in part of the mountain road collapsed and it leaded to inability of sending the rescue team to the affected area timely. When a disaster happens, the communication channels of the disaster area are often damaged; the joint routes are blocked, and wireless communication facilities are failure.

Online reservation and exercise prescription in Neihu Sport Center

In recent years, affecting by health awareness, the user population of sports center has increased annually. The equipment and site reservation need to be managed more efficiently. Therefore, Neihu Sport Center introduced “online reservation and exercise prescription,” which was developed by Foxconn Interconnect Technology, to allow quick making reservation and giving exercise prescription to users.

Wiwe - mobile ECG device

WIWE is a business card-sized device that can measure clinical-grade ECG anywhere, anytime without any medical assistance. The reports are stored on the smart device of the user, in the health log. And the results can be shared with family members or the GPs/clinicans. In addition to screening for the risk of arrhythmias, strokes and sudden cardiac arrest, the device also measures blood oxygen and heart rate.

Pontevedra, the car-free city

The city of Pontevedra created a car-free city model. The central idea of ​​the model is the number of cars needed for the proper functioning of the city is much lower than we think, but the efficient and dynamic operation of urban transport must be ensured by meeting complex needs. Traditional urban models mostly focus on motor vehicles, while pedestrians are almost completely ignored.

Personalized Medicine Programme in Estonia

Personalized medicine helps to determine as individually as possible the prevention or treatment plan for each person by analyzing genetic data of the person in combination with the environment, health behavior and health data of the person. Implementation of personalized medicine in Estonia is being carried out within the framework of the personalized medicine programme 2016–2020 managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs.