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Smart Mobility

Bicycle traffic counting

At LogLine, they are committed to cycling and livable cities, their aim to make data on urban cycling available to as many developers, operators and designers as possible to make transport facilities safer and more usable. The developed device can measure the position, speed and wheelbase (which allows the vehicles to be distinguished) of the passing cyclist or other vehicle in the cross-section of the road. The system can be installed quickly without damaging the pavement, and also provides the possibility of real-time data monitoring and web display.

Maria Valeria Bike

Mária Valéria Bike is a bicycle-sharing system across two countries existing on Esztergom and Sturovo. There are 14 collection stations in the two cities, with a total of 60 traditional and 45 electric bicycles available.

The system is compatible with the pioneer Esztergom Bicycle (ebi) bicycles, established in 2013. The two systems consist a total of 20 stations and 165 bicycles.


RoadBotics empowers communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their roads and infrastructure. They automate inspections and generate actionable data about road networks, including identification of individual distresses like potholes and alligator cracking. Their detailed maps, unbiased ratings, and practical tools save time and taxpayer dollars for hundreds of communities across the country and around the world.

Park 915 application

Park 915 provides a much better user experience, showing people in real time exactly where the available parking spots are in the city so that people can avoid the areas with no parking and drive directly to the streets where there are open spots, saving time and frustration. The new app allows users to pay right from their phones and receive alerts when the parking sessions are about to expire.

Curiosity Lab

Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is a publicly funded living lab designed to provide a real world test environment to advance next generation intelligent mobility and smart city technology.

Located within a 500 acre technology park where 7500 people work and more than 1000 people live, Curiosity Lab provides unique infrastructure and a supportive government to facilitate innovation.

Early stage startups, universities and established companies are all welcome to join their innovation ecosystem.

iDrone Services

iDrone Services Limited is a Zambian company created in 2016. It uses drones to monitor and analyse farms as well as taking decisions to improve the yields. Moreover, the company has a specific initiative which is the “Idrone4ag youth project”, whose purpose is to form rural youth to the use of drones. The objective is on the long term to qualified farm jobs and avoid rural exodus.

Zenvus Smart Farming

Zenvus Smartfarm is an intelligent electronics sensor which when inserted in a farm soil collects pertinent data like humidity, temperature, pH, moisture, nutrients etc and wirelessly transmits the data to a cloud server where advanced computational models help to make sense of what is happening on the farm. Powered with solar with a battery capacity that can last for days, a farmer interacts with the hardware data via our free Zenvus Web App which is both desktop- and mobile-friendly.


BAZAFARM is a solar powered IoT device that is put in the farm to measure water level, soil temperature and the fertility of the soil in real time and the farmer can access the data on their mobile phone, tablet or PC via Internet and make decisions accordingly. The device helps farmers achieve high yields of crops and also provides data of what the soil needs for the best growing environment of crops.