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Smart Economy

Alibaba City Brain

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group launched its Malaysia City Brain initiative in Kuala Lumpur.
It is developed on Alibaba Cloud’s robust cloud computing infrastructure and will support Malaysia’s digital transformation with cloud technology and artificial intelligence.
The power and functionality of the City Brain will enable Malaysian urban planners and city officials to upgrade their city governance and decision-making to turn the city into an intelligent one.

Cleantech San Diego

An initiative led by Cleantech San Diego, Smart Cities San Diego is a collaboration between public, private, and academic organizations working together to deploy IoT technologies, advance urban connectivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase water and energy efficiency, and drive economic growth in the San Diego region.

Bigbelly Smart Waste

Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions for public spaces. Communities and facilities deploy smart, solar-powered, sensor-equipped waste & recycling stations that communicate real-time status to collection crews to enable efficiencies.

European Investment Project Portal

The EIPP is a central EU project promoting platform which aims to create a bridge between EU project promoters and investors. The Portal seeks to boost the visibility of existing EU investment opportunities. EU project promoters can reach potential investors worldwide, while investors who are looking for investment opportunities in areas such as energy efficiency, transport, healthcare, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure or in financing are offered a broad choice of viable projects.

Lenovo Lecoo cashier-less store

Lenovo’s entirely automated store, Lenovo Lecoo Unmanned Store, which launched at Lenovo’s new Beijing campus. Shopping at the store is quite simple. You walk up to the door, cameras recognize your face, you browse the aisles, pick out what you want as usual, then—and here’s the magic—you just walk out, and your account is automatically settled via your mobile payment.

South Saad Al-Abdullah New Town in Kuwait

In designing the city of the future, why not start building one from scratch, instead of dealing with the legacy of an ‘unsmart city’. And why not copy a smart city that is already in operation successfully. That is what Kuwait thought when it hired a South Korean consortium to build Kuwaits newest smart city from scratch. A four billion dollar project. The name of the city will be South Saad Al-Abdullah and will provide accommodations for between 25,000 — 40,000 families.

Smart Cities Council

At Smarty Cities Council they envision a world where digital technology and intelligent design have been harnessed to create smart, sustainable cities with high-quality living and high-quality jobs. To tap into the transformative power of smart technologies, cities need a trusted, neutral advisor. The Smart Cities Council provides that help.They are a network of leading companies advised by top universities, laboratories and standards bodies.
They promote cities that embody our three core values, livability, workability and sustainability.

APKAPPA - Smart City Platform

Smart City Platform is a technological platform, open and integrated with any service delivered to the territory. Smart City Platform condenses in a single, integrated proposal the entire technological power of the Maggioli Group: smart lighting, Internet of Things, cloud computing, smart metering, smart video surveillance and security, interoperable backoffice software solutions, mobile APPs.

Smart waste collection

Sensoneo sensors are installed in approximately ten cities and towns in the Czech Republic. Sensoneo has monitored glass, plastic and paper waste in underground bins in Prague II for over a year. As part of a twelve month pilot project, 420 sensors will be installed into waste containers (e.g. glass, plastics and other types of recyclable waste). The real technology benefits will be subsequently evaluated and a decision will be made on whether to expand or modify the project.