Urban Soil 4 Food

Urban Soil 4 Food

The main objective of the project is the use of urban waste as a resource for the production of soil that will enhance the self-sufficiency of local food supply and reduce the carbon footprint. The project is defined by four main interconnected cycles. The material cycle analyses the material flows of waste within the city that can be used for the production of urban soil. The food cycle will transform a portion of unused municipal land into community gardens where agricultural activities will take place and will conclude with the establishment of an urban foodstuffs brand. The open innovation cycle will establish an agricultural-foodstuffs laboratory for the development and testing of innovative pilot concepts such as urban flowers for urban bees, urban micro-gardening and soil rehabilitation in cities coupled with the support for innovative start-ups operating in the area of the circular economy.  The knowledge cycle in Slovenia and the EU will share the knowledge generated within the scope of the project and will conclude with the development of certificates and patents that will ensure international recognition for the urban soil technology.


Urban Innovative Actions (UIA)