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Smart Living

CityApp - Kecskemét

CityApp is a mobile application that helps users get to know news, institutions, sports facilities, restaurants, shops and local business services of Kecskemét all in one place. The application is free to download for anyone, and even stores and businesses can upload their services for free. After logging in, they can select a category that fits their business and upload data, so it can be easily reachable for the users. 

CityApp - Tiszaújváros

The municipality of Tiszaújváros gives high priority to "Smart City" program, which contains several elements. For their implementation, many improvements have already been made, including the pilot installation of a smart crosswalk, a free electric car charging station and the installation of a green energy-efficient smart bench for cell phones, tablets, and free WiFi access. In the "Smart Life" program segment, an up-to-date application, CityApp, has been created to inform locals and visitors of  the city.

Include smart benches in Hungary

Solar powered smart benches can be found in many Hungarian towns. Strong, powder-coated steel construction is completely weather-resistant and vandal-resistant. Advanced controller inside the bench makes battery charging possible even when the seating area is occupied and PV modules are shaded. The bench comes with two USB ports with ambient light for charging any type of device using USB cable. Wireless charger integrated in acrylic glass cover enables cable-free charging. The smart bench also provides Wi-Fi connection.

North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union

The municipalities, economic parners, institutions and NGOs of the municipalities of Alsómocsolád, Bikal, Mágocs, Mekényes, Nagyhajmás decided in 2014 to work out a joint development program that would enable the synergistic development of the 5 settlements. The North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union was born from this initiative, which main goal is to establish long-term and well-grounded cooperation between local governments, companies, institutions and organizations within the micro-region. Moreover, the Union intends to create the first "Smart Area" of Hungary.

HelpyNet application

HelpyNet is an innovative free mobile application based relationship maintaining system, that solves every possible situation, be it an emergency, calling in a faulty device, or finding out about a local service.
HelpyNet not only contributes to the protection and wellbeing of the residents, but also makes two way communication possible between different institutes - like local governments, transportation companies, sport centers, or even touristic venues, or commercial centers/malls – and end users, in every situation.

Bosch eStroller

The Bosch drive system for baby strollers is an impressive high-tech solution that sets new standards in terms of convenience, comfort, and safety. The components of the Bosch eStroller systems have been designed to work perfectly with one another.


Kissmybike is an IoT tracking solution designed specifically for bicycles and small vehicles that detects theft and tracks the vehicle’s location until its successful recovery. It features an ultra-compact robust design that allows an internal installation, hiding it from hand and eye. The combination of smart adaptive algorithms and energy-efficient electronics enables several years of operation on a single charge. The system comprises cutting-edge satellite and mobile technologies in order to accurately track a vehicle’s location in different conditions in the event of theft.

Kimap City App

Kimap-City will provide citizens with a Map-Visualization service, containing information on the accessibility level of streets, sidewalks and bus/tram/metro stops related to specific areas of the city. The solution will help all the citizens affected by motor disabilities or by limited mobility capacity (old people), to find out which parts of the city are accessible for them and which public transports fit best their conditions.

Lenovo Lecoo cashier-less store

Lenovo’s entirely automated store, Lenovo Lecoo Unmanned Store, which launched at Lenovo’s new Beijing campus. Shopping at the store is quite simple. You walk up to the door, cameras recognize your face, you browse the aisles, pick out what you want as usual, then—and here’s the magic—you just walk out, and your account is automatically settled via your mobile payment.