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Smart Living

Tengah - the city of the future

Tengah will be Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town, with green features and smart technologies.

Giant solar-powered air conditioners, vacuum garbage collection, subterranean roads for electric vehicles, urban farms and green architecture. Put them all together and you have Tengah, Singapore’s most ambitious project yet to build the city of the future.

Community Mapping

Community mapping allows citizens to highlight the parts of their environment of interest or concern them.Community maps are built from local knowledge, experience and expertise but they are more than data gathering. The process of discovering the obvious, hidden and potential assets in a community opens possibilities. Mapping is a valuable digital development and empowerment tool.

Glasgow Operations Centre

Glasgow Operations Centre is a state-of-the-art integrated traffic and public safety management system, created with the aid of the Innovate UK funding. The new centre brings together Public Space CCTV, security for the city council’s museums and art galleries, Traffic Management and Police Intelligence.

The facility has the capability to provide a co-ordinated, real-time, intelligence-led, response to incidents large and small across the city, placing Glasgow at the leading edge of smart city management.

Sunderland's digital transformation

Sunderland has won Digital Leaders UK's Smart City of the Year 2020 award.

Gaining recognition on a national scale as the UK’s fastest growing smart city with this eagerly awaited appearance in the DL100’s top spot, illustrates the advanced smart agenda and digital achievements from across Sunderland over the past year.

Outcomes and successes of the Smart City’s implementation to date, include:


Mrüna’s low-cost, rapid tech solution aims to tackle the economic and social challenges of wastewater treatment with its decentralised nature-based system, BiomWeb.

Using IoT, the solution treats wastewater on-site, negating the need to transport waste and recycled water, with a series of water tanks that imitate aquatic habitats found in nature, without the use of added chemicals, desludging, or vast infrastructure investment.

Mrüna anticipates that BiomWeb will be adopted by refugee camps and informal settlements, as well as private and public sectors across the world.

CertainSafe - cloud-based encryption software

CertainSafe is highly effective cloud-based encryption software which attempts to mitigate all aspects of risk and is compliant with industry regulations.

With the platform, you can store and share documents, private messages, photos, videos and other files without exposing them to third-party sources. You can even collaborate and communicate with colleagues through the system, with all correspondence encrypted.

CertainSafe also adds automated security for business databases and applications, meaning you don’t always have to do things manually. 

Authy - two-factor authentication app

The Authy app generates secure 2 step verification tokens on the users' devices. It helps to protect their accounts from hackers and hijackers by adding an additional layer of security. Authy encrypts the users' 2FA data and backup to their cloud, without storing passwords. It also works offline, avoids SMS and voice security issues by generating 2FA tokens directly on the device.

Last Pass - passwordmanager

Last Pass is easy to use, as it has a simplified interface. It is packed with features and offers both free and premium tiers, so users can choose the option that suits them best.

It offers a handy extra feature - the ability to log in to apps on phone too, which very few password managers offer.