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Smart Living

Camera system in Csemő

A camera system was built in the settlement with the help of Invitech, 6 cameras were installed in 5 location. The image of the cameras is stored in a cloud-based data center, which Invitech provides direct access to the police. This solution facilitates extremely fast retrieval and detection.

Neighbourhood Watch Service

In Szárliget and Disód, the so-called Neighbourhood Watch Service was set up, which drastically reduced crime in the villages. No need for high-cost alarm systems or push-button devices,it's based on the old and simple idea of ​​people paying attention to each other, their family members, their neighbors, their immediate surroundings.
If somebody is suspicious in our environment, all we have to do is take a photo of him, write down the license plate number of the car, or, if there is nothing around, remember the events.

EQRNet - earthquake sensor

Canterbury Seismic Instruments Ltd (CSI) have created an affordable model that encourages uptake by lease holders, facility managers, engineers, building owners, Civil Defence and Emergency Management, homeowners, and the public to safeguard people and assets – and the ability to provide a wealth of valuable data for industry development and academic research.

Solar pump

An innovative solar pump was installed at the end of Kártya Street to drain excess rainwater. This street, as the deepest point of the Rózsavölgy suffered the most from the creek floods and rainfalls that flow there from everywhere. The road surface and sidewalk have been renovated from wall to wall, and for years the temporary sandbag protection has been replaced by a permanent defense.

Baracs - Public safety system (Helpynet)

The village of Baracs using Helpynet application for smartphones. The HelpyNet is an emergency and call-in service: an app to keep in touch, so users can get or give information, as well as provide help. The alert and assistance system is available to the public free of charge and co-ordinates the work of the active organizations of the settlement. Its flexibility makes it easy to fit into existing public security systems.

Solarway smart crosswalks

Pearl Enterprises Ltd. aims to achieve safe transport. With the products of the LightMark series (mostly the S2X), they have found the best lane and warning signs: the light. The system protects pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. By using this product, road users will immediately recognize that a pedestrian crossing or the reached a cycle path.
With the flashing function, it can be used as an active safety sign at crosses or crosswalks, which  can drastically reduce reaction time, which is a prerequisite of safe traffic.


HelpyNet application

HelpyNet is an innovative free mobile application based relationship maintaining system, that solves every possible situation, be it an emergency, calling in a faulty device, or finding out about a local service.
HelpyNet not only contributes to the protection and wellbeing of the residents, but also makes two way communication possible between different institutes - like local governments, transportation companies, sport centers, or even touristic venues, or commercial centers/malls – and end users, in every situation.

Bosch eStroller

The Bosch drive system for baby strollers is an impressive high-tech solution that sets new standards in terms of convenience, comfort, and safety. The components of the Bosch eStroller systems have been designed to work perfectly with one another.

Smart Elderly Alert System

Sensors are placed in the flat to help monitor the movements of the elderly, and caregivers will be alerted if any irregular movements are detected (e.g. if no movements are detected for a period of time).
In April 2016, residents from some 3,200 households in Yuhua estate were eligible to participate in a trial to use smart devices in their homes.
The trial ensured that the method is non-intrusive, non-contact and low cost methodology, and provides timely alerts.