Tower - Vertical Community Rehabilitation Programme

Tower - Vertical Community Rehabilitation Programme

The programme started in April 2009, in a tower block in the industrial area of Veszprém, a segregated area, considered by many to be a ghetto, without any help. The number of inhabitants was 127 at the time, but now exceeds 200. The aim of the programme is to rehabilitate the building and the community, to manage the debt and to normalise the life of the house. 
At the beginning of the programme, the residents were in a poor state of mind, pessimistic and isolated. As a result of the improving conditions and the continuous communication and community programmes, community formation and volunteering started.
Throughout the programme, the Maltese Relief Service has become the majority owner of the condominium, holding 54% of the property. In addition to the rehabilitation of the building, improvements to the freehold property have been carried out over the period. On the third floor, there is a Rehabilitation Transitional Accommodation, which has been part of the homeless care in Veszprém since 1 June 2011. On the second floor, a community space of 150m2 has been created for the whole community. It has an adult and children's section, a laundry room, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a social and health point, and a tea kitchen. The latest improvements include a classroom, an early childhood room, a small social point on the 4th floor and a playground in front of the building.



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